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Gloomy & Embracing

Photography project

As part of my photography project (which took place during the COVID-19) I was asked to show what a concept of 'home' looks like - through my own eyes. When I thought of the word "home", an image of light and darkness immediately popped into my head. To me, home symbolizes a safe place, a place I would like to return to at the end of the day after school or work. And on the other hand, home is the place I want to leave when I feel imprisoned or when I feel like I need to explore new areas and ideas.

Home to me is a ray of light in the darkness or utter darkness - a dark place that suffocates you or a dead end.  But on the other hand, it's the place that will contain and embrace you - your private ray of light that will give you strength and hope. 

Home is what you will feel in that moment, a dynamic sense of two extremes. When I was at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, I started to notice things I didn't before. Things started to look different at different times of the day and in during different moods I experienced. When the house was dark, I used a flashlight to create a scene of "light out of the dark" and to show a different viewing angle of different objects around the house - which take on a completely different meaning when they emerge from the darkness. I decided to make the project from home and not outside, in order to intensify my feeling of suffocation that will radiate though the photos.


*The project took place as part of my studies.

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